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What is a Mechanical Buzzer ? -Mechanical Buzzer Structure

What is a Mechanical Buzzer ? -Mechanical Buzzer Structure

Mechanical buzzers generally consist of a vibrating shell and a plastic diaphragm (The plastic diaphragm is installed and fixed on the casing), coil, iron core bracket, magnet, percussion spring piece (the magnet is fixed on the reed with glue), oscillation circuit board. When the mechanical buzzer is powered on, the oscillation circuit passes through the coil, and the iron core bracket attracts the percussion reed to strike the plastic diaphragm on the housing to produce sound.
Mechanical buzzers emit low-frequency sounds. It is about 400HZ. The sound is relatively gentle. There is a slight vibration when making sounds
Mechanical buzzers are mainly used in various electrical products, electronic toys, car alarms, etc.
The mechanical buzzer has a slight vibration when it sounds. Therefore, the effect of alarm reminder is better. It can also be used in electronic mouse repellers.


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